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Welcome to Permanent Makeup by Judy, since 1991, serving Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas, including South Carolina.

With many successful years of experience, Judy specializes in Permanent Brows, Eyeliner, Full Lip Color, Lipliner, Areola Repigmentation, Beauty Marks, Scar Revision and Camouflage.  Permanent Makeup can go undetected because it can look like conventional makeup or realistic like hair. Other services include Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting, Permanent Curling Eyelashes, and Skin Needling.  Skin Needling encourages natural growth of your own collagen, which tones and strengthens the skin for a more youthful appearance. Permanent Makeup, Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmentation, Derma Graphics and Cosmetic Tattooing are all names of a procedure of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.  The term “Permanent Makeup or Permanent Cosmetics” alone, may well give a false impression that makeup will last forever.  Over a period of time, the pigment will fade.  There are many things that can adversely affect color that has been tattooed into the skin which include pigment lightfastness, the amount of sun exposure, anti-aging preparations applied to the face, the body’s immune system, and metabolism.  Every client is an individual and there is no way of knowing the length of time before a touch-up would be needed to keep her makeup looking fresh.  Permanent Makeup has been perfected and is becoming quite prevalent in the beauty business.  In the hands of a trained reputable artist, it can be an enjoyable experience.  Judy meets these requirements. She is a National Board Certified, experienced professional with many satisfied clients.

To become more familiar with Judy, view her video below.


It's been a pleasure going to Judy for the permanent eyeliner!

It's been a pleasure going to Judy for the permanent eyeliner. She is very patient and kind. I really thought it was going to be more painful than it was, but Judy put me at ease. I have very small eyes and this has made a really big difference in my physical appearance. The fact I can get up in the morning and have the makeup already on, is wonderful. I did some research prior to going to Judy and I found she more than met my expectations. I highly recommend Judy for this procedure.

Wanda B.
704-243-2327 by appointment only South Charlotte Area, Marvin, N.C.




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